Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Peace, Day 8

I Am Not Alone
It seems I am not alone with my current struggle of adjusting after a PCS. The writers of several military wife blogs I follow have been voicing the difficulties they have encountered as a result of their recent moves. One of them is dealing with the adjustment to civilian life as her husband leaves the service.  Another is struggling to reach out to her new community because of past hurt. Still another is simply not content with the area in which has been selected for her and her husband to live. I myself am missing the sense of belonging and coherence I felt while living at our last duty station.

Still, each day gets a little better. I find myself willingly accepting this aspect of my family’s life more each day. I remind myself that I must endure hardship in order to become stronger.  I try to focus on the things which bring me comfort, like playing silly games at the table after dinner or taking family trips to the local fall events on Saturdays. 
A PCS is never easy, but the way we view our circumstances is our own choice. One thing that all of the above mentioned military wives have in common is that they are acknowledging their struggles and using them as a means to nurture their spirits and grow into stronger women. I am so thankful to have discovered their blogs and to have the opportunity to grow with them. I find peace knowing that there are many others who understand exactly what I am going through.

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  1. Heck yes Lisa!
    I've said it before, PCSing never gets only becomes more familiar.
    I told my husband this morning, as we were driving away from the house (we'd just finished cleaning for the final inspection) that I think I've entered the upset/annoyed stage of moving. I so look forward to settling down when this move is over.

    Emailing you now about the Monday Meet Up.