Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Peace, Day 15

Visions of Sugarplums
As I lied awake in my bed last night as I often do, my mind drifting as it often does, I found my mind getting excited about thoughts of the upcoming Christmas season. Yes, I am getting way ahead of myself here, especially when we are in the middle of my favorite season and I should be enjoying the present. But this holiday season requires extra celebration. This year there will be nothing missing because daddy is home.
December 2010
There is so much joy in autumn that I don’t want to miss. But I cannot help but rejoice in the idea of finally being together again for Christmas. It is a reminder of how much we’ve been through and how far we’ve come as a family. It is proof that time will pass, even if we feel like it takes forever. It is the memory of a grieving heart but the hope that the next year would make up for what was missing. This is the next year. This is the year that will make everything from last year so worth it.   

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  1. Girl, I'm just trying to make it through Halloween! :) Hahaha. I'm happy for you!