Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days of Peace, day 29

Peace in Friendships
Friendship, for me, is a matter of quality, not quantity. As one who tends to shy away from large groups of women, I find it easier, and more fulfilling, when I find those women with whom I really click. When that happens, it sometimes takes a long time for the relationship to develop to the point where we can tell each other anything, and where we know each other's best and worst traits. But when it does, the feeling is remarkable.
One of the hardest things about moving in the military is having to leave great friendships behind. There have been many tears for my best girlfriends who have had to leave me behind, and those I have had to leave behind. When I got married and moved away from home, I said goodbye to some of my best friends from high school and college. As a military wife, I have watched other military couples go off to new duty stations; I have seen that even non-military families move too, and grieved the relocation of two much loved neighbors. When I moved, I had to tear myself away from some women with whom I had formed a strong bond. But the great thing about these quality friendships is that even though we may be far apart, even though we can't find much time to talk on the phone, nothing truly changes.
When the time comes to see each other again, we still know the bests and worsts. We share the memories we've had together. We fill each other in with the missing pieces and within five minutes it's as though we were never apart. We share dreams and disappointments, laughs and tears. And the best thing about these great friendships is that we can lay it all out on the table without judgement but rather with pure acceptance for who we are. 
I miss my friends, but there is peace knowing that the next time I see them, everything will be the same.       

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