Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Days of Peace, Day 21

The Silent Voice

For the past week or so, I have been having some very vivid dreams. Some of them are strange, while others seem to be a simple reflection of the things which have been occurring in my life. But one of my most recent dreams was different. This dream spoke to me, sending a message about something I have been trying to figure out in my mind. This dream gave me an answer.

I was talking to someone in the dream, whom I do not recall, but I do know that it was someone I knew well and what I was saying was something I felt very passionately about. The words I spoke went as follows: “It’s not how much you know, it’s what you do with the things you do know that matters.” Though in reality my mind was asleep, inside my dream these words were pulling at my heart and I was eager to make sure the other person heard my message.

When I awoke in the morning, I considered what I had said in my dream. I wondered where it had come from. Questioning whether I may have read a quote on the internet and it was stored in my subconscious, I Googled the quote. I found some things which are similar, but nothing which was exact and certainly nothing I had actually read beforehand. What I find especially exciting about this message is that it seems to have been made specifically for me.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my future career path and the knowledge I have. I wonder if what I already know is good enough for the path I want to take. I wonder if what I know is good enough for anyone after being a stay-home mom for more than five years. I think about how much information is in the world and how much more I could potentially learn. I wonder if I will ever fulfill the extent of my mind’s capabilities.

I have come to believe that the other person in my dream with whom I was so eager to share my wisdom was, in fact, me. Something inside me needed to make sure I remembered the words when I woke up. That something was my spiritual faith. Every so often I get a clear-cut answer to my prayers and I believe this is one of those times. I often pray that God will help me with my struggles, and I also pray that He will give me content for my writing, content that I can use to continue my attempt to inspire others. Sometimes, if I am willing to listen, I am able to hear his answers. This time, He told me exactly what I needed to hear:  “It’s not how much you know, it’s what you do with the things you do know that matters.”
I was relieved after hearing these words. There may be a lot I still don’t know, and there may be more I will need to learn for my future, but these words have opened my eyes to all that I have been doing with my current realm of knowledge. I have been taking the opportunity to teach my kids what I remember about the leaves and the trees and the birds and the creeks. I have been using my health education to cook healthier meals for my family, talk about which foods are healthy and which are not, and encourage the kids to exercise regularly. I attempt, to the best of my ability, to speak to my kids and act in ways that will instill important values and morals. I use what inspirational wisdom I have to, hopefully, encourage others when they are struggling. I continue to write, a job which I have fully placed upon myself and which has no real obligation, because I believe in seeing the positive light. I believe that no matter how badly we might be struggling, there is always a way to pick ourselves back up. I believe in using the hard times to get stronger. And I believe in sharing these things with others in hopes that they, too, will see the positive light.
There will never be a time when I have finally learned enough, and I will always be open to new information. But now I see that simply having knowledge is not what matters. What matters most is that I take the opportunity to use what I do know to benefit myself and others.  

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