Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days of Peace, Day 14

How I Find Comfort in the Trees
There is something about this place, this new town in which we live, that feels like home. I recognize the trees. The oaks, maples, beeches, tulips, and elms that I remember from growing up. I admire their stately grandeur and am reminded of the memories.
I remember my middle school science assignment when I had to collect leaves, press them, and identify each one. Most kids would have balked at the assignment, but I was excited to get outside and discover all the different trees around me. Yes, I was a dork. But I also appreciated the world around me for its simplicity, is beauty, and its desire to be noticed. I noticed.
Today we ventured to the park as the morning sun sent its rays through the colorful leaves. It was delightful when my kids voiced their excitement upon asking them if they wanted to learn the names of the trees around us. They collected leaves with me. They ran to every tree with smooth, light-colored bark when I showed them how to identify a beech tree. Their little minds are so open, so ready to learn. I hope they have the same excitement when they get to middle school and are given their leaf-collection assignments. I can't wait to do it with them.

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