Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Peace, Day 2

Bring on the Rain
This morning as I stood outside with my daughter waiting for her school bus, we were surrounded by a pleasant stillness as the rain fell gently and the water pooled on the edges of the street.  The neighborhood was particularly quiet, partly because the birds were seeking shelter somewhere rather than singing their usual morning songs, but also because the rain seems to have a magical way of slowing us down and opening our senses to our surroundings.
What I did hear was the gentle patter of raindrops falling on the leaves and hitting the puddles.  The air was filled with the scent of autumn from the wet leaves which had already fallen to the ground.  As I took it all in, my tension drifted away and I was left in a state of relaxation.  I looked at my daughter, appropriately prepared for the weather with her rain jacket, matching rain boots, and Barbie umbrella.  I think she was excited for a rainy day just because she had a reason to carry the bright pink canopy with her.  She, too, was calm, embracing the dreary day for what it is rather than allowing it to get in her way or alter her state of contentment.
Sometimes we need rainy days.  Sometimes we need something to slow us down and listen to our surroundings.  Sometimes we need the weather to prevent us from our usual outdoor activities so that we open ourselves up to new opportunities. Maybe it's taking a break from the usual three-mile run and instead relaxing with a yoga DVD.  Or perhaps rather than taking the kids to the park, there is an opportunity to show them how to build a fort inside using tables and blankets. 
Today I am using the rain as a reminder to embrace the days which would otherwise seem less desirable.  Today, I find peace in the stillness of nature and the quiet pitter-patter just outside the window. 

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