Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some things are Worth Waiting For!

Finally, after thirty years of watching characters in movies, seeing commercials on TV and hearing other people talk about the magical place of Disney World, I am there! It's funny how we think we outgrow our favorite childhood friends when we become adults. Just last Christmas I went through some old jewelry of mine that my mom had kept at her house and I came across Mickey Mouse earrings. I didn't think twice about leaving them there because I couldn't see myself wearing a child's character on my ears. Today, walking through Magic Kingdom, I wished that I was wearing them!
I am not sad that I didn't go to Disney World as a kid. Instead, I am happier that I didn't because now I can truly appreciate how great it is and know that childlike excitement is still embedded in my heart. Plus, now I get to share it with my own kids and watch their excitement and awe as they get to meet the special friends they watch on TV. We were expecting to take this trip sometime last year before we knew Randall was going to deploy. It took a little longer to get here, but we are here now and it was totally worth waiting for.

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