Friday, April 20, 2012

Is this a Dream?

Does anyone else ever feel like you are living in a dream?  Have you ever felt like your life is a blur and you aren’t really sure how you got from one point to the next?  This is how the last few months have been for me.  It all started after Randall got home from deployment.  I felt as though the past eight months hadn’t happened at all, but were just a figment of my imagination.  I was in disbelief that we had actually made it through what I had once thought would never end.  As the weeks passed with Randall home again, the feeling that I was dreaming didn’t go away.  Everything seemed real and normal throughout the day, but each night I would lie awake feeling like everything that happened during the day was surreal.  We planned fun family activities during post-deployment leave, but they passed so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to realize they were happening.  Thank goodness I had proof from the pictures!  Needless to say, this dream-like state has continued to linger for nearly four months.
Is this possibly one of the stages of post-deployment?  Is it a result of the business of life with kids?  Or is it, perhaps, a natural feeling that occurs from the ever increasing pace of time as each year passes? Most importantly, how can I prevent the feeling that I am just living in a dream and at any moment I will wake up and see that none of this has really happened at all?

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  1. I have lived in a dream for the past 2 years. Live in that and every moment. It will make the next deployment/training that much more tolerable.